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Edward Van Halen




EVH D-Tuna

1. Stabilize Bridge:
If your bridge is flush mounted against the body of your guitar (does not pull up) you can skip this step.

If your bridge "floats," then it must be stabilized. There are two different ways to do this. The easiest way is to "block" the bridge so it doesn't pull up. Use a shim or wedge on the block of the bridge in the tremolo cavity. Make it snug so that the tremolo base plate is level with the body and will not pull back.

The other option to stabilize and still be able to "pull up" on the bar is to install a tremolo stabilizer or stopper. There are many options for this, please consult D-Tuna customer service for a personalized solution to meet YOUR needs best.


2. Remove String Locking Screw:
Remove the string locking screw from the low E-saddle on the bridge. Replace it with the new longer string locking screw, spring, and D-Tuna. Lock the E-string in place with the D-Tuna "out" in the "D" position. Next, back the fine tuner on the bridge all the way out so that it is just touching the long screw.

3. Tuning:
Tune the E-string to "D", lock the string at the nut, and fine tune the E-string to "D" with the bridge fine-tuner. Next, push the D-Tuna into the E position and fine tune to "E" with the setscrew adjuster on the D-Tuna. That's it!

How to install an EVH D Tuna

Tips for Setup and Use:

  • As always with new strings, physically stretch them by pulling on them one by one to help stabilize them.
  • Do not over tighten the fine-tuner on the bridge. Keep it "backed off" (rolled out) as much as possible; use headstock tuner for major tuning.
  • When sliding the D-Tuna back and forth, push the unit down (towards the body) to relieve tension.

Technical Question? E-mail: tech@dtuna.com

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