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EVH D-Tuna

D-Tuna Can the D-Tuna be used on any Floyd Rose Tremolo?
It can be used on any Floyd Rose or Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo with the long locking screw, where the fine tuner on the bridge presses directly on the locking screw.

Can the D-Tuna be used if the guitar is tuned down a 1/2 step?
Yes - set it for D Flat in the "out" position and E Flat in the "in" position.

What gauge strings are best?
Any! The D-Tuna works with all standard electric sets.

Can I use the D-Tuna on any other strings?
It will change the pitch of any string, but it is designed for the low "E" string only.

Can I use it on a low profile tremolo?
Yes, but it depends on how deep the bridge is set. A very deep cavity may require some minor routing, although most will not. Don't forget to stabilize the bridge first!

Do I have to remove the D-Tuna during string changes?
No, it will stay on the locking screw at all times.

Why do the other strings go out of tune when I drop to D?
The bridge must be stabilized first. This is done by blocking the bridge so it can not pull up. If your bridge is stabilized and the other strings are still going out of tune, you may need to increase the overall "spring tension" by moving the spring claw further from the block.

Why can't I get a full step drop?
There are a few things to check. First, tune the open low string to "D" with the D-Tuna in the "out" position and lock the nut. Engage the D-Tuna to the "in" position then fine tune the "E" (using the D-Tuna fine tuner). Did you use the right length locking screw? If the head sticks out of the D-Tuna completely, it is too long, use the shorter screw.

Technical Question? E-mail: tech@dtuna.com

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